One of the pillars of our society, without a doubt, is education. On the educational structure, our model of society is configured and in that sense, we can see that ours has great shortcomings in some aspects, specifically in everything related to the subject of dying.

That is why the Metta-Hospice Foundation has developed various programs with the intention of collaborating in the reflection, dissemination and deepening in everything concerning the process of birth and death, which we understand as intertwined and inseparable aspects. These programs try to address all the aspects concerning the dying process, complementing the predominant scientific vision currently, and doing it from a secular and transversal perspective, which tries to include all those involved and respect all the positions.

For this we have different experts willing to share their experience on each topic. As a fundamental part of the Foundation's project is the development of a Hospice, a place to welcome people in their dying process.

We hope to have this space in a few years; meanwhile we have started a care system based on this model, with planning consultations to attend to whoever requests it, in the place where it is.

All those who are part of the Foundation will receive the training we offer to develop their functions. The information about the programming will appear on our website and will be sent individually, if you sign up to receive information, both from the training and other events.

Formative programs